Flow Performance FP1   $599

Includes FPcom software and serial cable for a PC
Update your flow bench to digital electronics
Simple connections replace your old manometers
The FP1 will work with any pressure differential producing device including velocity probes for velocity profile analysis and port flow analysis of velocity profiles.

Air flow rate measurement has never been faster or easier!
The Flow Performance FP1 is an electronic dual manometer that has the ability to calculate and display flow velocity and flow volumes in real time for Pitot tube and orifice types of measurment. Using a spreadsheet use any type of differential producing measuring device.

FP1 Features:
Flow Performance FP1 flow bench data acquisition
Flow Performance FP1
Manometer/Flow Rate Processor

The Flow Performance FP1 is a multifunction flow rate processor for stationary indoor use. It's hardware and firmware can be upgraded.

The base model includes:

The FP1 is operated with a computer. A lap top or Pocket PC can be used for portable operation or for space limited applications
The rear panel of the FP1 shows the installation of some of the available options.
Aux1  temp sensor port
Aux3  PWM port
Serial out port

The FP1 can easily replace the manometers on a flow bench. The drawing above shows how it is done.

Flow Performance
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