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Flow Performance FP2 manometer, flow rate processor

A Pocket PC gives you the portability for field testing and service work. For more power and custom test programs, a lap top can be used and your data sent directly into an Excel spread sheet.
A Pocket PC provides a powerful and portable flow rate measuring system. Your velocity probe readings are calculated into static pressure, cfm and velocity, and can be captured (<1, <2 and <3) then averaged (A) as you test. Your data is saved into your Pocket PC memory or an optional memory card as text files.

Flow Performance averaging velocity probe  $99.00
This averaging velocity probe works well for taking average velocity readings of large ducts. Order the length you need. Requires only a 3/8" diameter insertion hole.
Using a lap top or desk top PC with Excel and a single point velocity probe, your readings can be sent directly into Excel and graphed using Excel's graphing tools for a 3D velocity profile image.
Used by HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) equipment manufacturers and service technicians.