Space Bar Data Capture Feature
Space Bar data capture allows the user to capture readings from the FP1 simply by pressing the space bar on the computer keyboard. The FP1 will mark the captured data with a numerical value that the user has selected and entered into the FP1, and that value is incremented or decremented with each data capture.

FPcom also sends data directly into an Excel spread sheet with each press of the keyboard space key or remote Mouse button, and increments the row number with each capture.

Remote Mouse Data Capture
FPcom allows you to capture data with your Mouse. Using your Mouse for data capture allows you to capture your data without having to be close to your PC, your Mouse can be a remote control for data capture. A wireless Mouse gives you even more remote distance and freedom.
FPcom Data Capture Features
FPcom air flow software allows you to capture your flow rate readings with either your keyboard space-bar, or by using your PC Mouse as a remote control data capture button. Your captured readings are marked in FPcom, and sent to reserved cells in Excel.
You can select your Mouse as a remote control data capture button.
When you have selected your Mouse as a data capture remote control, the red box will contain your Mouse pointer, and dedicate your Mouse as a remote control for FPcom data capture only.
FPcom for Windows PC's
FPcom is a software program for Windows 95 and later desk and lap top PC's, including Win8, (but not Win8 RT) and Win10. It allows the user to control the FP1 and to display the FP1 data. FPcom is a text document based program, just like a word processor program. Your data can be saved to a disk as a text document that can be loaded into most any word processor, spread sheet or data base program. You can also easily email your documents to friends or associates. Our customers often find it very convenient to email their test documents with questions about their system. FPcom will also send your flow data directly into MS Excel for even more processing power. FPcom and Excel gives you almost unlimited power in air flow analysis and port flow analysis.
FPcom Software for Windows PC's
FPcom Big Numbers Feature
FPcom features a "Big Numbers" window for easy viewing of test data while flow testing. By selecting "Big Numbers" from the "View" menu item, a movable window is produced that displays important data in big, bold, easy to see numerals.
FPcom and Excel
FPcom can send your test data directly into an Excel (r) spread sheet in real time for the ultimate in data processing, display and storage. Excel can process the data it receives instantly and display the processed results. This gives you the ability to "crunch" the numbers any way you like, and to process readings from any differential producing flow device, like LFE's and various orifice designs.

The Excel spread sheet shown below is a sample sheet available from Flow Performance.
Flow Performance
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Port Flow Analysis, the Power of Excel
While this feature is not built into FPcom, Excel does give you the ability to graph a set of velocity probe readings in 3D. The Excel 3D Display tool lets you rotate and turn your graph for viewing from any angle. Using a 3D graph to analyze your velocity readings gives you a better understanding of the velocity profile for better velocity profile analysis and velocity probe analysis.
Excel is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corp.
Excel is sold by Microsoft (R).
Excel is not included or sold by Flow Performance.
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