FR4 Bench Receptacle
This 4" Flow Bench Receptacle is designed for testing cylinder heads using our FA series cylinder bore adapters. It mounts to the underside of a flat surface for a bench style flow test apparatus with a 4.5" net opening size. The FR4 incorporates an innovative pressure sensing method inside the receptacle for test pressure measurements. Inline mounting of our FE flow elements along with the FR4's static test pressure sensing offers excellent consistancy and balance in flow rate measurement in a trim, compact package.
FR4 Bench Receptacle
Flow Performance
The Flow Performance FR4 Bench Receptacle offers many desirable attributes for a bench style flow testing setup.
plates are available for adapting cylinder heads to the FR4 flow receptacle.
Cylinder Bore Adaptor
An "Open" style bench setup is where the FR4 flow receptacle is mounted to a plank or shelf that allows access to the front and rear underside of the bench surface. This facilitates easy installation of clamping devices for securing your test piece to the bench.
Adaptor plates with cylinder bores attached can be purchased or fabricated to mount cylinder heads to the FR4 flow receptacle. The FR4 is designed to snuggly accept a section of 4" PVC or ABS pipe. This 4" section of pipe can simulate a 4" cylinder, or act as a locating collar for smaller cylinder bores.
Using our FR4 bench receptacle makes it easy to build what we call an "open" style flow bench. An open style bench uses no cabinet but rather heavy duty shelf standards and brackets to mount the bench on a wall or a mobil stand. An open style bench also allows access to the rear of the bench surface so that clamping devices like C clamps can be used in this area for securing your test pieces.
End view of "Open" style flow bench