"I opened the box and am very happy with the great packaging.  I'm impressed with how much engineering is really involved.
Bill S., Salt Lake City, UTAH

"...after playing with it [Flow Performance PWM Valve] some more I got it to the [Test Pressure] I want in about 12 sec.This is really cool."
Dean P., Langhorne, PA
"[My order just arrived]  I'm now happy, there was more parts than I expected. 
Thanks for all of your support.  There's a lot of guy [in the] shop that really wait for my setup..."
Email 1/15/06
Sylvain Lavoie, Quebec Canada

"...the [FP1] is working perfectly and I am very happy that I did buy it from you !

"The package was great  and the custom was easy because you did send me so fine purchase quote where was all included(devise and the shipping costs) and it did take only 5 minutes to get package out of the custom.  
....No duty for measuring equipment in Finland."
Keijo L., Finland

"The items were shipped exactly when I was told they would, packing was excellent, and everything worked just like it was supposed to."
"The accuracy and repeatability of this equipment still amazes me!"
Email 3/16/07 Jeff Fagala, JDF Performance, Inc. Murphy, Texas
"The new PWM valve works great.
I'm still thinking about coming up with a cabinet to house the flow bench with the air source docking into the Flow Performance setup."
Email 6/4/07 Frank L., Concord, N. Carolina

" ..just thought I'd let you know I got my velocity probe yesterday. I connected up to the [FP1 pressure sensor 3] and away it went (I am sure you would expect that any way). I am really pleased with my purchases from you, and building my own flowbench has been relatively easy thanks to your help.
Many thanks,  Rich (a very happy customer!)"
Email 5/27/07 Richard B., United Kingdom
"Due to work demands a flowbench was finally required in my arsenal of tools and to say that the FP1 has simplified life in setting up, data capture and constant. accurate results is an understatement. Not only is it all of the above but the customer service has been second to none in getting me up and running double quick time. One of the best investments I have made in a long time! Here's a picie of our homemade bench close to it's final stages..."
JP, UK. JNL Racing

Flow Performance
High performance, low cost air flow metering products
Comments about our products submitted to Flow Performance are unsolicited and soley the opinions of our customers or persons who have used Flow Performance products. Test data reports are unverified. While most test data reports are typical, your results may vary.
Our customers or people who have used Flow Performance products contact us from time to time, here is what some of them are saying...

A popular design bi-directional air source uses multiple vacuum motors, Flow Performance FV3 PWM Valve for automatic test pressure control.
Copyright 2005 - 20015 Flow Performance, LLC   All Rights Reserved

"I got the bits you sent... FANTASTIC..
It's even better than I had expected.. ...from a build quality perspective I'm impressed.... and I have to give you credit for the packing/wrapping... nothing was left to chance. One of [my] best purchases in a while. "
Email 6/23/08
Brad G., South Australia

"We have a [very nice flow bench] in our race shop but I prefer to use our FP system flow bench"
Gary D, Wicked Motors, Maryland
"We love the [FP] system.  It works great!!
We're building up a no lag SR20det right now for our demo drift car. Many of our heads we have worked on with it have showed substantial improvement.   This is leading us to get a 4 axis CNC machine so porting heads can be done. Combining this with our fluid Customers love how it shows the improvements.  Just finished up a 4g63 stroker engine designed with stock cams and modified ports to make 450hp with stock idle and drivability.  Also one of our engines is on the cover of Performance BMW mag this month.  It's nothing special but it's the first time one of them has been on the cover."
Email April 26, 2006
Kris, Diesel Direct, Fleming Island, FL


"That [FP System] has worked great...  The customers really love the live demonstration aspect of it."
Email July 25 2008
Kris, Diesel Direct, Fleming Island, FL

"Flow bench is working really well, getting consistent numbers from day to day.
I'm still playing with what it can do, capable of more than I thought.
Would recommend the FP1 to any one building a flow bench, and your help and service is excellent ."
"Had velocity probe working, it works great."
Email June, 2008
Barry  C.,  New Zealand
"Last year I purchased your Flow Performance system. It has worked flawlessly for me."
Email August, 2008
Allen G., Coplay Pa.
Andrey V.

"... the [FP1] delivers far more than one would expect for a $500.00-600.00 price tag...
... I would not hesitate to recommend your system to anyone and will always talk about it in a positive light."

Darin M.
New Carlisle, Ohio
If you have submitted pictures or comments to us and we have not posted them on this page within a few weeks, please send us a reminder!
Kohler cylinder head from a racing riding mower
Ken M.
Rohnert Park, CA.
Classic Motorsports
Murillo Racing

"I purchased a Flow Performance Basic 2.0 Kit back in late February.  It has worked like a charm for Heads and Carburetor flow."
"The software worked great."
"I think the data that the Flow Performance is giving me is extremely accurate."

Stephen G.
Gray Modification Productions
Stevie�s Crazy Garage, TX
"Having a lot of fun with the flow bench.  You make a very nice unit."

Nov. 13, 2009
Tom Knoblauch
San Antonio, TX

"With regards to the bench it is absolutely fantastic; it was extremely easy to assemble and has worked �straight out of the box�. The calibration was [nearly] perfect on both the Cal A & Cal B when we checked it with the included orifice plate and comparing the flow data results with a company that produces CNC Heads using a [very professional flow bench] the results overlay [near] perfectly. Testing a head is simple and fast and the Shipping to the UK was extremely efficient."

Wednesday, October 28, 2009 

Thanks Again

Fraser White

(BLiNK Motorsport � England )
"... I would like to say that I absolutely love my flow bench.  I was a little leary about dropping 1200 bucks at first, but now wonder how I ever justified spending all that time on heads with no quantifiable results.  I've learned that some of the simplest stuff makes the biggest differences, and some of the most time consuming amounts to nothing."

"You are making an excellent product..."

Thanks Alot!
Shea J.
email 2/2010

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Ryan Kerr
Ryker Racing
Petrolia Ontario Canada.
"We specialize in v-twin engines"
Oct 2010
Racing riding lawnmowers!
"I took my [FP Basic 2.0] bench last week to a friend to do some work on his heads. [While his shop vacuum] only had 6� vacuum available at max lift,the results were well within a narrow margin  of my own test head.

I was very much pleased."

Dirk V. U.
Antwerp,Belgium(Chocolate Country)
Email Nov 12 2010

"I've been using the FP1 for over a year now. It performs flawlessly. To date I have flowed over 150 sets of heads on the FP1. It has really helped my bussiness. I would highly recomend your product, as it has never let me down. It is very simple and fast to flow a set of heads on this product."
Email Aug 3 2011

Keith Dunn
Dunnperformance Heads LLC
Caste Rock,Colorado
"Your Harley Davidson Porting Service Specialist"

"The bench works great. Today I tested with the velocity probe and its a fantastic tool!!! Gained 20cfm today. It helps me identifying high speed areas to work on. If I knew I would have bought it earlier!"

Jonathan A., Spain
July 16, 2012

"Just wanted to let you know I got my head back from a shop with a [very nice blue flow bench]. I wanted to get a bench mark on a head I am working on."

Readings from my FP2.0BS flow bench       [Very nice blue flow bench]
     using a 6.5 HP shop vacuum                          cfm at 28"wc
                    73                                                     75
                    133                                                  134
                    176                                                  174
                    210                                                  211
                    229                                                  226
                    238                                                  236
"I call that pretty [darn] close. I was kinda worried about just using a 6.5 horse vacuum but the setup is really close. "

Robert W. Missouri
August 9, 2012 9:35 AM

Brett H.
Adelaid, S Australia


Email Nov 12 2015
" I bought this [ FP1 ] back in 2009 and have done around 500 sets of Harley heads on it."
"I just want to say Thank you so much for a great product that has been a vital part of my business since I purchased it back in 2009

Sincerely, Keith Dunn
Dunnperformance LLC"

"The FP 2,0 BS flow bench is working very well and having lots of fun using it and learning about it."

Chris W.
South Africa
Email Nov. 17 2015
"I made a system for just sliding in and out the bore adaptor that is fitted with O rings with dowels to locate the head."

"I had purchased your DIY flow bench kit [in 2011].  I am more than pleased at the results.  Your after sales support was so help full in directing me in the right direction.  I have used this flow bench in the development of performance vintage motor cylinder heads and manifolds. It has allowed me to gain much needed expertise in providing my customers with the best available engine components. Many times I have check it against other flow benches and it has matched every time.
Thanks again for you product and your support."

Email 12/2015
Rod Harms