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FPcomCE software for Pocket PC
Easy got a lot easier... FPcomCE software for Pocket PC version 4 now offers an easy to use graphical interface. Now it is even easier and faster to operate your Flow Performance flow bench.

The touch screen of a Pocket PC now supports all the essential functions needed for a Flow Performance Basic flow bench. You can change your calibrations, adjust your calibrations, enable your velocity probe, and set your test pressure conversion value, just by touching a few buttons on the Pocket PC touch screen.

Pocket PC's are a great solution for those people who don't want to fuss with computers, have limited space, or have applications requiring portable use of their FP1.

No Computer? No Problem!
You don't have all the capabilities of FPcom for desktop and laptop PCs with a Pocket PC, but if you are not comfortable with computers, don't need all the power and data processing capabilities of MS Excel, and just want to press a button and start flow testing, a Pocket PC might be for you.

Just touch and flow!
Just press one button on your Pocket PC and you are ready to flow test. No computer boot-up, no launching programs, no keyboard, mouse and bulky computer case. Just touch and flow!

Flow Performance carries an inventory of previously owned refurbished Pocket PCs. Contact Flow Performance for current selection and pricing.
Touch and flow
Now, FPcomCE software for mobile tablet computers!
Mobile tablet computers, like this 8" model, fill the gap between Pocket PC and a lap top. Featuring a touch-screen, you can control your Flow Performance flow bench by touching a few buttons on the touch screen. Or, you can have complete access to your FP1 settings through the built-in software keyboard. Instant-on, simple and convenient. Perfect for the professional with limited space or limited computer skills.

Flow Performance has an inventory of previously owned mobile computers. Check with us for current selection and pricing.