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FP1 version 3.17.32 and higher, supports an optional third pressure sensor in the FP1, pressure sensor 3, or PS3. While a velocity probe can be connected to PS2 to measure local velocities within a port, the optional PS3 can be used to measure flow velocities with a velocity probe while flow volume rates are being measured by your flow bench on PS2. With a velocity probe connected to the standard PS2, you get your test pressure and probe velocity readings. With the optional PS3, you get test pressure, CFM and probe velocity readings.
FP1 Pressure Sensor 3 (PS3)
PS3 is enabled by setting (a) to 1 (one).
PS3 is disabled by setting (a) to 0 (zero).

When PS3 is enabled, the data reading rate from the FP1 is slowed. This is because of the time required to sample and process PS3.

If PS3 is disabled, make sure there is no pressure applied to all pressure sensors when enabling PS3. The FP1 will enter the zeroing function when PS3 is enabled.

v (lower case) is a trim multiple of the velocity reading. Be sure v is set to 1.0 if no adjustment is desired.

V (upper case) Determines velocity reading format. V = 1 feet per second. V = 0 feet per minute. Velocity readings in feet per second are appended with an s (Example: 240s).

Mode 3, When PS3 is enabled in mode 3, PS3 pressure is displayed in column 2. PS2 is not displayed.
If PS3 is disabled in mode 3, PS2 pressure readings are displayed in column 2.

Mode 4 allows velocity bar graph image and cfm readings. Max velocity is recorded in the status bar. To reset max velocity, zero the FP1. FP1 version 3.17.32 and later feature Space-Bar data capture. Mark increments are set by (Q), and can be any value, including negative numbers for counting down.