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Flow Performance PWM Valves provide air flow and pressure control
Flow Performance PWM Valve FV3a  
This quality PWM valve can be plugged into our FP1 Electronic flow rate processor to control air flow or air pressure in air moving systems. Perfect for controlling test pressure in a flow bench.

You set the desired pressure to any value you want into the FP1, and the FP1 will control the valve to achieve that pressure. Use this valve inline to control air flow, or as a bleed valve to vent excess pressure.

Housing body material is aluminum.
Butterfly valve is made from brass.
Shaft material is Chrome Molly steel, located with roller bearings.

Mount on flat surface or onto 3" pipe.
Requires a single 9 volt battery

How do I set-up my PWM Valve?

You set our FP1 to mode 2 and create a pressure window as shown on the left. The FP1 will control the PWM Valve to achieve the pressure window you have created. When the pressure window is achieved with the PWM Valve, your data readings will scroll down the document as shown on the left.

How can I test my valve?

Set your FP1 to any mode except mode 2. Now set upper case P to 1 or 0 (zero), or 0 to 1. The valve should open or close completely when you change the value of P to 1 or 0 or 0 to 1. Set P to original value when you have finished testing your valve
Flow Performance PWM Valve FV3p 

Made from PVC plastic, this light-weight valve is perfect for installing into 3" or 4" plastic pipe.

Plugs into our FP1 for automatic test pressure control. Set the pressure to any value you want.

Fits directly into 3" plastic pipe fittings such as couplers or flanges.

Requires a single 9 volt battery

PWM valves provide a safe, economical and easy-to-install method of automatically or manually controlling air flow and pressure in air moving systems like flow benches. With a PWM valve you can regulate air flow or pressure on a flow bench or air system without having to cut-into or alter high voltage wiring. Installed as a bleed valve, your PWM valve can simply bleed-off excess pressure to maintain the desired pressure, keeping your blower or vacuum motors operating at the speed they were designed to operate, maintaining their air flow curve, efficiency  and cooling at or near optimal.

PWM stands for Pulse Width Modulated, which means that the position of the valve plate is controlled by the width of a small electrical pulse. The Flow Performance FP1 flow rate processor can provide the required signal to control the PWM valve to achieve the test pressure you desire automatically
PWM valves are typically used as a bleed valve, meaning they simply provide an air leak in your air moving system to maintain a desired pressure. When used as a bleed valve on a flow bench, it is recommended that the valve be placed as close to the air source, and as far from the flow metering device as possible. This is done so that any turbulence created by the valve can settle-out before reaching the flow metering device.