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Pocket PC Restore Procedure

If the battery in your Pocket PC becomes completly depleted, your FPcom software, along with all other data you may have entered into your Pocket PC will be lost. You can restore your FPcom software in your Pocket PC by using the restore procedure.

When you received your Pocket PC from Flow Performance, a compact flash card was installed into the Pocket PC CF slot. This compact flash card contains the backup file for your restore operation. If you have removed this compact flash card, make sure you reinstall it into your Pocket PC before proceeding with the restore operation.

Before you start the restore operation, charge your Pocket PC, and perform the steps required to navigate to the Today screen where the Start menu item is located.

Keep your Pocket PC plugged into the charger while you perform the restore operation.

Press the reset button on the back of your Pocket PC before starting the restore.

Once the restore operation has begun, do not touch your Pocket PC until it has finished the restore operation.

When the restore operation is complete, press the reset button located on the back of your Pocket PC. Your FPcom software will not be restored until you press the reset button.