Basic 2.0 Kit Includes:
What you will need:
  • Shop Vacuum or Air Source
  • Desk or lap top PC running Windows 98 or higher with one free serial port
  • A 3/4" bench surface with a 4.5" hole.
  • Silicon adhesive to mount FR4 to bench surface
  • Contact cement for bench top gasket installation
  • Electric drill and 1/4" bit

For cylinder head testing:

Add a high power air source and cabinet to your Basic 2.0 kit for a high power precision professional flow bench.
Or for more flow capacity, use our Flow Performance 2.5 Basic System kit like this one built by JDF Performance Inc.
"I found your system to be deadly repeatable, and simple to operate. This is what flow testing should have always been.."

"We have a [major brand] 600 in our race shop but I prefer to use our FP Basic system"

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The Flow Performance FP1 electronic flow rate processor can estimate flow rates from one test pressure to a predetermined test pressure in real time. This allows the use of air sources like a shop vac without air pressure control.
Flow Performance
High performance, low cost air flow metering products
This flow bench uses our FP1 electronic flow rate processor,  FE2.5 flow element and FV3 PWM Valve for automatic test pressure control.
Multiple vacuum motors provide the air flow volume and pressure required to perform precision flow testing at very high pressures. Some vacuum motors are fitted with check valves from irrigation/plumbing sources. These prevent unused motors from becoming air leaks and spinning backward when not in use.
Build a Bigger Flow Bench
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Basic 2.0 Flow Bench Kit   a great way to get started with a precision professional computerized flow bench
The included FPcom software for PC's gives you professional air flow analysis power.
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Place your Basic Electronic Flow Bench in a cabinet for a professional appearance. This work bench kit , from Do+Able Products, Model 12169, is available from Lowe's ($89.00) or Orchard Supply ($99.00) and can be modified for a flow bench cabinet. The cabinet is only 19" deep on the inside and will accommodate most 5 HP vacs, higher HP vacs may need portions of the back panel removed for clearance. Plenty of ventilation also needs to be provided.
Add more processing power with Excel. Now our FPcom software allows you to capture velocity probe readings for building profile grids in Excel using your keyboard arrow keys!
Flow Performance FE2.5 Basic System

The Flow Performance FE2.5 flow element has become a popular choice for custom flow benches capable of flowing 600 cfm.

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This freestanding shelving system by Elfa(R), available at The Container Store, makes a very sturdy bench system that is easy to assemble and move. It is not cheap but you can assemble a setup like this in minutes
You can add to your Elfa freestanding system. You can also get 96" tall standards (vertical pieces). The standards used here are 41" but stand 44" tall with the feet attached. KV brand shelf brackets will work on the Elfa standards, you want the 4 hook style brackets, not the 2 hook.
Elfa freestanding shelf system works well for flow systems using the larger flow elements. SD, or styrene, drain pipe will just fit under the elfa feet if the pads are adjusted to full height.
The Basic 2.0 flow bench kit is capable of testing internal combustion engine heads that produce up to 100 horse power per cylinder.
Flow Performance Basic 2.0 Flow Bench Kit
A flow bench kit that can grow with your flow testing needs
Capable of withstanding test pressures exceeding 300"wc!
Build a Small Flow Bench...
The Basic 2.0 kit powered by a shop vacuum is a great way to build a precision flow bench on a budget. Small, portable, low power consumption. A perfect way to get started with a flow bench for effective, repeatable flow data.
A perfect combination for the beginner or professional.
or Build a Big Bench
Add a high power air source and build a cabinet for a full power professional flow bench. While many FP Basic 2.0 customers are more than satisfied with their shop vacuum powered flow benches, the Basic 2.0 kit is also perfect for higher power flow bench duty.
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