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FP Basic Flow Bench System kit specific documents
       FP Basic 2.0 Bench Construction  General guidelines for building a Flow Performance Basic 2.0 flow bench.
       FP Basic flow bench connection and settings quick guide briefly demonstartes how to set up flow bench for various modes of operation
       Bench Operation How to operate a Basic 2.0 flow bench
       FA Series Cylinder Bore Adaptors  Information on the Flow Performance FA Series Cylinder Bore Adaptors for mounting cylinder heads to the FR4 Bench receptacle

FP1 Electronic Flow Rate Processor Documents (All types flow benches)
       FP1 End User Agreement  Legal stuff
       FP1 General Information  General imformation on the Flow Performance FP1 Electronic Flow Rtae Processor
       FP1 Quickstart  How to connect FP1 to PC, enter commands and data to the FP1
       Commands and Data Entry   Alphabetical listing of all commands and data parameters for FP1
       FP1 Zeroing  The FP1 needs to be zeroed from time to time. This shows how to zero the FP1
       FP1 Wake Up from Sleeping  The FP1 will go to sleep if not used for a while. How to wake-up your FP1
       Pressure Senor 3 FP1 version 3.17 supports a 3rd pressure sensor for velocity probing while flow testing

FPcom Software Documents  (All types flow benches)
       FPcom End User Agreement  legal stuff
       FPcom General Information  General information on FPcom software for desk/lap top PCs
       FPcom and Excel (R)  How to set up FPcom to work with an Excel spread sheet
       Sample Excel (R) File  Contains a macro that clears the data fields
       FPcomPPC for Pocket PCs  Information on FPcom.ppc software for Pocket PCs running Windows CE 2.11 and later
       ActiveSync (R) for Pocket PCs  ActiveSync (R) connects your Pocket PC to your desk/lap top PC. This shows how.

FPcom Software Help Files Help files that are accessible from FPcom Help menu item )
       FP Quick Help a listing of FP1 commands
       FP More Help Summerizes most all documents for FP Basic flow bench kits
       FP setups briefly illustrates connection and settings for various FP Basic system modes of operation

Orifice Type Flow Bench Documents (only for orifice type flow benches)
       FP1 Installation and Orifice Calibration  How to install an FP1 to an orifice system, and how to calibrate the orifice(s).

Pitot Type Flow Bench Documents (only for Pitot type flow benches)
       Pitot Flow Element Calibration  How to calibrate a Pitot tube flow element for use with the FP1

Accessories Documents 
       Velocity Probes  How to use Static/Pitot velocity probes with the FP1
       FP1 PWM Port (Servo Port, Aux 3)  Information on the FP1 PWM Port (Aux 3) for servo motor control in responce to pressure applied to the FP1 pressure sensor 1 (PS1).
       Mini Receptacles  How to use Flow Performance mini receptacles for flow testing hard-to-adapt parts
Flow Performance documents are in Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF format. You will need the Acrobat Reader to view the PDF documents. If you do not have Acrobat Reader on your computer, you can download a free copy from

FPcom Help files are in MS Word format. You can download a free version of Microsoft Word Viewer from Just enter "Word Viewer download" into the Microsoft search box.

Flow Performance Flow Bench Kits are assembled, tested, and initially calibrated before shipping to you. If you have purchased a Flow Performance flow bench kit, your FP1 electronic processor is already set up to start flow testing. You do not have to worry about all the settings that can be made to the FP1 electronic processor. However, it would be a good idea to look over the FP1 documents to get an idea of how it works and how to make any adjustments.
Flow Performance documents